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Margot Brinkhus


Margot Brinkhus | Head of Communication & Marketing


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Germany's Customer Champions

Does your company have real fans and not just satisfied customers? Take part in the competition Germany’s Customer Champions and have your fan quota measured. If your customers are real fans of your company, you can look forward to the title “Germany’s Customer Champion” – and use it to advertise publicly and internally!



The Fan-Principle shows how the economic success of companies and organizations can be effectively increased by systematically applying the mechanisms of fan relations in the customer relationship management of companies. The Fan-Principle transfers the characteristics of fans from sports, music and art to customer relationships and thus creates a completely new approach to measuring and controlling relationship quality.



2HMforum. - FanScan

Measuring and strengthening relationship quality – the digital fan principle: simple, fast, scientifically sound. FanScan® is the unique, digital tool for measuring emotional customer, employee and member relations – in real time! Use the insights into your target audiences: always up-to-date, easy to understand and immediately convertible into actions!