Customer Loyalty During the Crisis

The Corona crisis threatens the customer relationships of numerous companies and organizations. Massive restrictions on personal contacts interrupt familiar communication, and emotional customer loyalty suffers.

  • How can customer relationships be maintained during this time?
  • What do companies have to do to keep their valuable (fan) customers during the crisis?
  • How can customers be turned into fans and establish emotional ties via digital channels?
  • How can managers help to motivate employees and make them perform better right now?

The Fan-Principle provides answers. Scientifically sound, successfully implemented for more than 20 years.

Your way through the crisis: more fans, more future!

The following 4 topics currently belong on your agenda – all equally important and implementable independently of one another in terms of time.

    1. Turning customers into fans

with excellent digital contacts.

    1. Knowing customers’ needs and activating fans’ potential
    2. Maneuvering the team safely through the crisis as a fan maker


  1. Successfully managing fan relationships – now and in the future

Digital contacts create fans!

digitale Kontakte

Key message

Digital contacts also create fans and contribute to emotional customer loyalty – under one condition: they must be perceived as excellent. Use the potential of your digital contacts now!


Customer loyalty in times of crisis:
All digital, all good?

By Roman Becker, book author and leading expert on “emotional customer loyalty” in Germany.

Succesfully navigating the crisis with fans


Core Message

Knowing your fans, activating the potential of fans and increasing the fan quota becomes a decisive success factor in the crisis and afterwards! We show you how to do it!


Successfully navigating the crisis with fans!

By Roman Becker, book author and leading expert on “emotional customer loyalty” in Germany.

Only fan-makers turn employees and customers into fans!


Core Message

Attention leaders: Strengthen your role as a fan-maker now to maneuver your team safely through the crisis and to be optimally positioned after the crisis!


Why managers must learn to act as fan-makers now at the latest…

By Anita Saathoff, Head of Emotional Employee Loyalty

Successfully managing fan relationships – now and in the future

Core Message

Anybody who is not close to the customer now and does not react quickly to changes in the relationship quality and in the customer behavior, runs the risk of losing their basis, the faithful inventory customers (= fans). We have the comparative data from before the crisis and can precisely point out the important changes.


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Steering fan-relations successfully during the crisis – with Jonas Lang!

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