Position – Focus – Orchestrate

Demand-oriented offers and optimal prices

Let’s build up your fan base together!

  • Analysis of central customer needs
  • Analysis of satisfaction with services and communication
  • Analysis of self-conception and culture
  • Analysis of corporate communications
  • Identification of competitive differentiation potential
  • Visions for the future and customer-centered strategy development
  • Elaboration and evaluation of positioning options
  • Optimization of touchpoints along the customer journey
  • Brand mission statement development


Emotional bonds are created when companies – through focused and orchestrated service delivery and communication – serve central customer needs at all contact points better than any competitor.

The triad::
Position – focus – orchestrate!

Successful positioning creates the prerequisites for a dominant position of the company and the brand in the psyche of the customer. A “perceived monopoly position” is created by:

  • the alignment to central customer needs

  • the orientation towards the company’s own strengths and competencies

  • differentiation from the competition.

  • A successful positioning brings market requirements and corporate competencies in line.
  • But only a focus on, and orchestrated communication of the positioning at important touch points – in communication and performance – creates the perceived uniqueness.

The process: positioning.

1. Deepening customer needs

2. Identity workshop(s)

3. Communication analysise

4. Development/concretization of positioning options

The process: focusing & orchestrating.

5. Derivation of Touchpoints

6. Target concept for orchestration

7. Development of brand mission statement

Lisa Winter


Lisa Winter | Head of Positioning/Brand Strategy Positionierung/Markenstrategie


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Emotional loyalty is created through the constant repetition of identity-generating experiences – especially through frequent and excellent contacts at all touch points along the customer journey.

Target audience specific address

Emotional loyalty is created when the approach is tailored to the needs of the individual target groups. A great opportunity for all customer-related processes – from service to sales!

Demand-oriented offers and optimal prices

Emotional loyalty is created by tailor-made offers that are in line with the needs of the target group. The optimal price strategy is at the base of a product’s success.


Emotional ties are created by the “Life Blood factor” of employees: fan employees are extremely loyal and motivated, have a culture of high performance and act as fan-makers in their interaction with the customer, because they create a feeling of uniqueness.