Specific Addressing of Target Audience

Target audience specific address

Let’s build up your fan base together!

  • Target audience segmentation
  • Customer-value based segmentation with the fan portfolio
  • Target audience-specific alignment of your processes (communication, marketing, sales)
  • Synchronization with existing segmentation approaches (e.g. ABC approaches)


Emotional loyalty is created when the approach is tailored to the needs of the individual target audience in the fan portfolio. A great opportunity for all customer-related processes – from service to sales!

Implementation & personalized assignment in CRM

Imagine you work in sales, your phone rings – and you already know whether you are about to speak to a fan, a mercenary or an opponent. Or: You have a limited budget for a marketing campaign and want maximum success: Not a problem, if you have saved your target audiences in your CRM according to the Fan Principle. The target audience-specific orientation of all customer-related processes – in sales, marketing, service, … – is crucial for your economic success. With the classification of your contacts according to the fan portfolio, you can work efficiently and successfully!

Roman Becker


Roman Becker | Managing Partner


Further Services

Demand-oriented offers and optimal prices

Emotional loyalty is created when companies – through focused and orchestrated service delivery and communication – serve central customer needs at all contact points better than any competitor.

Emotional loyalty is created through the constant repetition of identity-generating experiences – especially through frequent and excellent contacts at all touch points along the customer journey.

Demand-oriented offers and optimal prices

Emotional loyalty is created by tailor-made offers that are in line with the needs of the target audience. The optimal price strategy is at the base of a product’s success.


Emotional loyalty is created by the “Life Blood factor” of employees: fan employees are extremely loyal and motivated, have a culture of high performance and act as fan makers in their interaction with the customer, because they create a feeling of uniqueness.