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With our support, you can build genuine loyalty among your customers. Don’t just make your customers happy, turn them into loyal fans!


Achieving genuine customer loyalty through enthusiastic fans is possible only, if the most important customer needs are consistently fulfilled at all touchpoints. Through consistent measurements, in line with the FANOMICS approach, your customers can be turned into emotionally loyal fans – and fans make every company more successful!

Our Expertise

FANOMICS was developed by 2HMforum. and is based on the scientifically sound Fan Principle and the management bestseller of the same name by the authors Roman Becker and Prof. Dr. Gregor Daschmann. FANOMICS has already been implemented, by hundreds of companies. Successful, Sustainable, Meaningful.

Trademark Analyses

Does your brand truly fulfill the most important needs of your customers? Only then, will you turn your customers into fans!

Brand Drivers

Strengthen the services that are important to your customers - and save resources where they are not needed.

Brand Position

Do not position your company based on feelings, but on empirically verifiable customer needs!

Brand Experience Management

Create a consistent, positive experience for your customers - they will reward you with loyalty and sales.

Brand extension

Maximize your brand capital and benefit from loyal customers!

PR-effective Positioning Studies

Maximize your visibility and credibility with a scientifically-based and empirically sound study.
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