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Offer your customers the appropriate pricing and information they expect. We help you to inspire your customers with a comprehensive, meaningful brand experience while optimizing the important touchpoints!


We measure the decision-making behavior of your customers. With our data, you will know which touchpoints “emotionally bind” your customers and build long-term loyalty. In this way, you create the conditions for genuine customer enthusiasm, sales success and healthy, consistent economic growth.

Our Expertise

2HMforum. For best relations. has been optimizing inspirational touchpoints and customer journeys for our customers for over 20 years. An essential foundation of all our projects is an analytically-based differentiation between hygiene, performance, as well as essential emotional factors.

Product, Service and Innovation Pricing

Identify the optimal price points for the perfect balance of company profit and customer demand.

Price Differentiation and Price Positioning

Develop optimal price structures and improve your position in the market with truly competitive pricing.

Price Knowledge and Fair Pricing

Optimize your pricing strategy to achieve the best possible profit with the fairest of pricing.

Value-Based Pricing

Determine the optimal price points to maximize profit while increasing customer satisfaction.

Target Pricing

Set prices that are both competitive and profitable.

Transaction Pricing

With an optimized pricing strategy, you can increase your controlling efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.
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