Customers and experience

Customer enthusiasm, customer loyalty and therefore genuine customer value arise when the approach is tailored to the needs of the individual customer types. With FANOMICS, we help you to tailor all processes perfectly to the customer – from service to sales!


How do you address a fan customer and how do you address an opponent? With our FANOMICS tools, we segment your target group according to emotional loyalty and performance satisfaction. In this way, we determine exactly which customers are most valuable to you – and how you can create this valuable emotional bond in your customers! Increase your fan rate, increase your profits!

Our expertise

FANOMICS was developed by 2HMforum. and is based on the scientifically sound Fan Principle and the management bestseller of the same name by the authors Roman Becker and Prof. Dr. Gregor Daschmann. FANOMICS is already being implemented by hundreds of companies in the German economy: successful, sustainable, meaningful.

Customer needs and expectations

What do your customers really want - and where can you perhaps save resources? Determine the important customer needs in a targeted manner.

Customer segmentation and typologization

Which customers are particularly valuable fan customers and which customers are more likely to be opponents? We give you an overview.

Customer value analysis

Determine the financial potential of your customers - by focusing on the right customers, you use your resources more effectively and guarantee more success.

Customer Journey

Are you meeting key customer needs at every touchpoint? Only if you tailor your customer journey precisely to your customers will you turn them into fans.

Customer Touchpoint Analysis

Which touchpoints are particularly important for your customers? Together we identify the decisive success factors!

Customer Experience Management

We offer you information and recommendations for an optimized customer experience. Together we will achieve greater customer loyalty and improve your sales!

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