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Have you truly figured out, what your customers really want? What requirements must your product meet in the eyes of your customer. What is the best-selling configuration and the optimum price? Only with this information can you create a desired and successful product and service world. With our support, you can provide tailor-made offers and perfectly meet your customers’ needs!


Customer value-oriented support and a differentiated approach are the keys to success. Reliable data about the customer life cycle, about the demands, wishes and needs of your customers are the core of a customer value-oriented strategy. Thanks to our customer centered consulting experience and research services, you receive a practical and precise overview of product, customer and price!

Our Expertise

2HMforum. For best relations. has over 20 years of experience in evaluating and optimizing customer relationships. We have successfully supported hundreds of companies with customer segmentation, customer value-based support concepts and differentiated retention strategies across the lifecycle phases.

Requirement Analysis

Our requirements analyses systematically identify the needs and expectations of users and stakeholders to ensure efficient and targeted product development.

Acceptance Tests

Have your new product tested in real-life scenarios to ensure that it meets user requirements. Well-prepared, you maximize customer satisfaction and facilitate market launches!

Innovation Tests

Our innovation tests evaluate the feasibility, acceptance and effectiveness of new ideas or products. You minimize your risks and increase your chances of success!


Create a unique identity that is precisely tailored to your customers' needs! This will help you to achieve greater customer loyalty and more success.

Sales Drivers and Sales Stoppers

By consistently measuring purchase drivers and purchase stoppers, you optimize your offers and increase sales success.

Identification of Potential

In the potential assessment, we jointly evaluate your current skills and resources and identify growth opportunities and strategic development goals
for your company.
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