Performance & Monitoring

Measure your core key performance indicators (KPIs) with us. With the data we collect, you can track how successful and effective your measures and processes truly are.


By monitoring central core KPIs, you can recognize individual strengths and weaknesses and keep a close eye on their development. This provides you with an excellent overview of your optimization potential – also in compared to your competition. Our measurements give you the information you require, to perfect your processes and achieve your goals in a proven and reliable manner.

Our expertise

2HMforum. delivers facts instead of mere gut feelings – and does so on a continuous basis. In both national and international KPI monitoring studies, we arrive at meaningful insights, by recognizing the value of individual measurements through, as well as the combination of specific KPIs. For over 20 years, our insights have helped our customers benefit from successful change management. Our digital unit has developed its own dashboard systems to present results which our clients use without burdening license costs.

Customer Satisfaction Analyses

Examine your customer relationships:
Where are you top, where do you need support?

NPS and NPSplus Tracking

NPS alone is not distinctly limited. With NPSplus, we give you explicit recommendations for actions to improve customer relationships!

Touchpoint analyses

Gain detailed insights into the customer experience - so you can optimize in a targeted manner!

Dashboards and Reporting Systems

Maintain an overview of your customer relationships. Our dashboards are customized to your needs and offer a clear and always up-to-date overview!

Quality of service measurements
(e.g. mystery programs)

Gain an objective and realistic assessment of the customer experience - including valuable potential for improvement.

Benchmark Analysis

The competitive comparison provides a useful assessment of the current situation, as well as an information basis for improving performance and optimizing efficiency.
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