2HMforum. For best Relations.

Who we are

2HMforum. For best Relations. is a market research and consulting company. We are the creators of the “fan principle” and support companies on their way to more success:

  • multinational corporations, innovative SME’s and associations
  • in the B2B and B2C sector
  • across all industries

We are the fan-makers. We are a team of 50 experts: Expertise in state-of-the-art market research, methods and analysis; many years of experience in strategic consulting, management and operative implementation. Plus: a lot of passion.

What we do

We advise companies and organizations in a holistic approach to optimizing their relationship management. The fan principle helps:

  • analyze, understand and optimize relationships
  • increase emotional customer, employee and member loyalty
  • working with focus, to be more efficient with less effort

We turn your customers into fans, your employees into fans and your members into fans. We help you creating sustainable success! Our work follows our mission: For best relations. And that has made us and our clients successful for more than 20 years.

Our Services

Using the Fan Principle
  • Turning customers into fans
  • Turning employees into fans
  • Turning members into fans
…on the way…
  • Position – Focus – Orchestrate
  • Excellent contacts
  • Target audience specific address
  • Life Blood factor employees
  • tailored solutions with strong RoI
  • employer branding
  • The 2×2 model of personnel development
…to success
  • Germany’s customer champions
  • Fanfocus Germany
  • Employee Focus Germany
  • The best customers in the world

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Our Promise

“Regardless of industry, regardless of the size of your company, regardless of whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector, regardless of whether you run a commercial enterprise, an association or a non-profit organization: your success will increase with the application of the fan principle”.

Roman Becker, Author of the Bestseller “Das Fan-Prinzip.”

2HMforum.- Roman Becker

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The best customers in the world

Why fans are so valuable!



…are the guarantee for a company’s success. They buy more, they buy more often, they are less price-sensitive, they evaluate conditions more positively, they have the highest contribution margin and are loyal even in bad times. And fan customers are the best ambassadors.




…are a company’s greatest capital. They are faithful and loyal, they are more motivated and less at risk of burnout, they identify with the goals of the company and are happy to recommend employers and products. Fan employees burn for their company.




…make member organizations and associations successful: they remain loyal, even if competitors try to poach them or services are no longer interesting. They are happy to pay higher fees, they volunteer their time, they are quicker to forgive – and they are the most valuable referrers.