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Are you looking for an inspiring speech? For your annual kick-off, your management conference, your specialist congress, your general meeting, your top-class customer event, your trade fair or your workshop? Then book our speakers for a speech on the Fan-Principle!

Together with you, we will determine the focus of the speech – depending on the direction of your event, your event goals and the needs of your target group.

2HMforum. - Das Fan-Prinzip

A selection of topics for our speaking engagements:

  • The Fan-Principle: Successfully managing companies with emotional customer loyalty
  • How you can turn your customers, employees or members into fans!
  • Beware of the satisfied customers: Why it is not enough if customers are only satisfied
  • Attention: If your members are merely satisfied, that is not a good sign!
  • Measure, control and increase emotional customer loyalty and fan quotas
  • How fans make companies successful and what companies can learn from fan relations
  • Making use of passion to turn voluntary and professional members into fans
  • The Digitalized Customer: Challenges for customer relationship management and Customer dialogue
  • Digital Customer Excellence: Successfully managing digital customer relations
  • The emotional disaster of complaint: How fans become opponents and how companies can avoid it
  • Between Shitstorm and Candystorm: Identifying and effectively counteracting reputation risks in customer relationship management
  • How much digitization can the customer take?

The Speakers:

Roman Becker

Roman Becker is founder and managing director of 2HMforum. For best Relations., pioneer in the field of analysis of emotional customer and employee loyalty, creator of the Fan-Principle and author of the bestseller “The Fan-Principle. Successfully managing companies with emotional customer loyalty”.

Jonas Lang

Jonas Lang is a member of the management board. He advises companies on the analysis and optimization of their employee and customer relationships. His main areas of expertise are studies on emotional customer loyalty, customer value and target group analysis, competition analysis, customer contact and service management, and product development.

Leif Steinbrinker

Leif Steinbrinker is managing partner and consultant on the topics of product, innovation, positioning and increasing the quality of relationships with his client’s stakeholders. His focus is on the healthcare, automotive and banking industries.

Anita Saathoff

Anita Saathoff is Head of Emotional Employee Loyalty and advises national and international companies on the analysis and optimization of their employee and customer relationships. She develops analysis-based management and employee concepts to increase motivation and concepts to strengthen the employer brand.

Stefan Eser, Head of Studies Fanfocus Germany Associations and Head of Emotional Member Engagement

Stefan Eser is Head of Emotional Member Loyalty and has been advising associations, chambers, clubs, parties, foundations and non-profit organizations for more than 20 years on the analysis and optimization of their relationship management, including with members, volunteers, employees, donors, politicians, journalists, the public and the general population.

Thomas Hamele

Thomas Hamele is managing partner of BCM. Best Customer Management and renowned expert in customer relationship management, CRM, data-driven marketing and market research, with more than 20 years of experience in various consulting companies.

Good to know: The workshops don’t just convey theory, but exciting, up-to-date practical knowledge. This knowledge is based on years of fan research, over 100,000 interviews with customers and members: And from the experiences from hundreds of projects for companies and associations. The workshops give new impulses, innovative food for thought and concrete recommendations for action to corporate and association decision-makers and managers.

Margot Brinkhus


Margot Brinkhus | Head of Communication & Marketing


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