Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Gregor Daschmann

Gregor Daschmann is a university professor for communication and media research at the renowned Institute for Journalism at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. He is also Dean of the Department of Social Sciences, Media and Sports and scientific advisor to 2HMforum. because he knows his way around:

  • media reception
  • media impact
  • media structure
  • and above all empirical studies.

In short: He is the expert for market and opinion research, knows the connections between media and society and works together with 2HMforum. constantly developing market research methods and instruments, promoting the transfer between science and business practice and supporting national and international market research projects with his know-how. Together with Roman Becker he wrote the management book „The Fan-Principle.“

Prof. Dr. Achim Burkhardt

Achim Burkhardt is Professor of Retail Management at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and a scientific advisor to 2HMforum. because he has excellent knowledge of

  • the development of brand identities and brand positioning
  • the strategic assessment and management of brand portfolios
  • the development of brand architectures
  • as well as the transfer of brands into the company organization.

With Prof. Dr. Burkhardt, we have one of the leading experts for brands and brand positioning at our disposal for positioning processes, who clarifies diffuse brand ideas through strategic brand consulting and makes them tangible.


What is the Fan-Principle?

The Fan-Principle is a holistic management control system that helps companies analyze and optimize their internal and external relationships and thereby increase their economic success.

Learn more about the Fan-Principle.

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Why fans are so valuable!



…are the guarantee for a company’s success. They buy more, they buy more often, they are less price-sensitive, they evaluate conditions more positively, they have the highest contribution margin and are loyal even in bad times. And fan customers are the best ambassadors.




…are a company’s greatest capital. They are faithful and loyal, they are more motivated and less at risk of burnout, they identify with the goals of the company and are happy to recommend employers and products. Fan employees burn for their company.




…make member organizations and associations successful: they remain loyal, even if competitors try to poach them or services are no longer interesting. They are happy to pay higher fees, they volunteer their time, they are quicker to forgive – and they are the most valuable referrers.