Turn your employees into fans!

The Fan Maker Workshop – for Managers!

(presence or digital possible)

Do you focus your attention on the most important things? It is always good to strengthen your employees’ trust in their employer’s value system and overall management culture and thus ultimately strengthen their emotional attachment. This way you can successfully build on the sustainable substance of your organization – even and especially in difficult times!

Your benefit

  • Help your managers in their role as fan makers to be prepared for good and difficult times through a high emotional commitment of employees.

  • Convey security to your employees by clearly communicating your values and the implicit self-image of your organization through your managers.
  • Sharpen the awareness of your managers for their role as symbolic figures of the organization and sensitize them for the importance of the right attitude on the management level: in the context of cooperation and communication with the employees.
  • Create the conditions for sustainable corporate success at the management level.

Target Audience

  • Top management and executives of your company / member organization
  • All industries, company sizes and member organizations

Duration and group size

  • max. 10 participants in presence – max. 8 participants digital

Our offer for you!

  • Fan Maker Intro: Understanding Leadership According to the Fan Principle
    Duration: 3 hours
    Contents: Fan Principle lecture + discussion + Fan Principle book

  • Fan Maker Basic: Realizing Leadership According to the Fan Principle
    Duration: 6 hours
    Contents: Fan Principle lecture + Fan Principle exercises and reflections on central topics such as value mission statement, creating fit by focusing, orchestrated acting as a manager and leadership team and much more (based on concrete examples) + Fan Principle book, 2×2 model
    (if necessary, on the basis of personal potential analyses with the managers), develop action plans individually, tailored to their personality, for successful communication and leadership).

  • Your investment

    In presence

    • Fan Maker Intro: EUR 2.750
    • Fan Maker Basic: EUR 4.250

  • Your investment


    • Fan Maker Intro: EUR 2.250
    • Fan Maker Basic: EUR 3.750

Our Promise

„Regardless of industry, regardless of the size of your company, regardless of whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector, regardless of whether you run a commercial enterprise, an association or a non-profit organization: your success will increase with the application of the Fan Principle”.

Roman Becker, author of the bestseller “Das Fan-Prinzip.”

2HMforum.- Roman Becker

Good to know: The workshops don’t just convey theory, but exciting, up-to-date practical knowledge. This knowledge is based on years of fan research, over 100,000 interviews with customers and members: And from the experiences from hundreds of projects for companies and associations. The workshops give new impulses, innovative food for thought and concrete recommendations for action to corporate and association decision-makers and managers.

Dr. Frederik Meyer

Your contact:

Dr. Frederik Meyer

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Human Resources & Head of Emotional Employee Loyalty


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Dates for the Fan Maker Workshop will be discussed individually.
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