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Measure your customer enthusiasm – with the FanScan-Man!

Do you want to know how your hotel guests slept last night? Or how well your patients feel they were treated? What impression your trade show booth made on your guests? Or how satisfied your customers are with your products? Whether the members of your association have special wishes? No need to collect that data yourself, just let your customers give you the information directly: using the FanScan-Man.

The FanScan-Man is our key to an agile feedback tool that you can use for all your target groups. No matter in which industry, no matter if B2B or B2C, no matter if company or organization – the little fellow is an eye-catcher and will bring you valuable feedback reliably, quickly and easily. He helps you witt:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Customer retention

  • Customer recovery

  • Member survey

  • Employee Enthusiasm


Feedback is the essence of successful relationships

From now on, take the opportunity for feedback whenever you are in contact with customers, members or employees. Only then will you be better able to meet the needs of your customers, your guests, your patients, your allies or your employees. And only if you succeed in doing that, you will turn them into fans. With the individual results dashboard, you can retrieve feedback from your target group on a daily basis.

Fan-Principle inside!

The FanScan-Man is the unique combination of sustainable promotional product, feedback tool and! With just a few questions, you can measure the Fan-Quota among respondents and classify them into the Fan-Portfolio. If you know whether your customer is a fan, a sympathizer, a mercenary or even an opponent or a prisoner, you can place time and investment in marketing and sales correctly – and save money in the process.

Has Fan Scan Man piqued your interest? You can find even more information and images of all variations on this website – the FanScan Man is extremely versatile!

Jonas Lang shows in an interview, how you can collect valuable customer feedback quickly and easily with the FanScan-Man (In German):