Excellent Contacts

The corona crisis leads to a massive reduction in personal contacts. Members and employees of organizations, associations, clubs, foundations, parties, … – they are all forced to rethink and redesign communication. No shaking hands, no personal conversation with eye contact, no watercooler conversation.

But the good news is that from more than 20 years of market research and fan research we know: Excellent digital contacts also increase the emotional bond. The decisive component: The digital contacts must also be perceived as excellent and unique by the members. This is where staff in full-time and honorary positions are needed! Because behind every digital channel there are people at work.

Let’s talk – especially now – in this time of crisis about how you can continue to turn your members into fans. And how you can empower your staff to manage these digital channels to meet the needs of your members.

Auch in turbulenten Zeiten

Let’s build up your fan base together!

  • Contact Frequency Analysis
  • Contact quality analysis at analogue and digital contact points
  • Member care quality (mystery approaches etc.)
  • Multi-channel strategies
  • Member Experience Management
  • Member Feedback Management


Emotional loyalty is created by the constant repetition of identity-forming experiences – especially through frequent and excellent contacts at all touchpoints along the “member journey”.

More fan members through frequent contacts

Our studies show that there is a correlation between the frequency of contact on the one hand and satisfaction and loyalty on the other: Frequent contacts increase member satisfaction and retention.

Relationship between contact frequency and satisfaction/bond

More fans through excellent contacts

The quality of the contact plays an important role: The contact only affects the fan quota if it is experienced as excellent by the members. In school grade logic we always talk about the fact that only an “A” counts. With a “B” already, the fan quota drops below that of members who have had no contact.

Relationship between contact quality and satisfaction/bond

Digital channels create fans as well

We know from our studies, whether direct contact between members and employees actually occurs is not the deciding factor. Digital channels can also achieve a noticeable emotionalization. What is important is that your members have the choice and are not forced into a certain channel. The orchestration (cross-channel, omnichannel…) is crucial. The digital contact is usually a cost-effective way to “keep up” the contact frequency, which is important for fan-retention.

Follow-up contact survey

Fields of action

Process optimization
for example differentiated process design for specific occasions

Optimization of abilities/ skills

Employees as “Fan Makers”

Employees as brand ambassadors

Objectification and specification of the subjective evaluation of members (e.g. mystery)


Stefan Eser, Studienleiter und Leiter Emotionale Mitgliederbindung


Stefan Eser | Head of Emotional Member Loyalty


Further Services

Demand-oriented offers and optimal prices

Emotional member loyalty arises when members identify with your organization. This involves the right positioning and a consistent focus and orchestration in service delivery and communication.

Target audience specific address

Emotional loyalty is created when the approach is tailored to the needs of the individual target audiences. A great opportunity for all member-related processes along the member journey.

Optimal member services & dues

Emotional loyalty is created through precisely tailored services that are in line with the needs of the target audience. The optimal strategy in terms of contribution levels and contribution structures is an important basis for success.


Emotional member loyalty is developed through the “Life Blood factor” employee: Only staff in the main and honorary office, who are fans themselves, can act as fan makers toward members. Because only they create the necessary feeling of uniqueness among the members in contact.


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