Associations: Who has loyal supporters in times of Covid?

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How satisfied are members with their associations, political parties, clubs and other membership organizations – now in the Corona crisis? Is the pandemic having an impact on member loyalty? Are the associations a helpful place of support for their members? And how well are they digitally positioned to maintain engagement with their supporters, especially in times of social distancing and lockdown? Are there member organizations that are benefiting from the pandemic? And who has more fans – business/corporate associations, environmental organizations or automobile clubs?

The unique and large-scale study Fanfocus Germany Associations 2021 provides answers to these and many other questions. For the study, nearly 2,000 member interviews were conducted across 15 different types of membership organizations. The focus was on emotional member loyalty and the impact of the pandemic.

Did you know,…?

About the study “Fanfocus Germany Associations”

With Fanfocus Germany Associations, 2HMforum. together with ECOPLAN has created a large representative study, through which the member relationship quality of German associations, clubs, parties, unions, churches,…is put under the microscope. The aim of this nationwide cross-type study is to,…

  • … examine the quality of member relations in affiliates.
  • …support associations in their even more significant need for information about and for their members, especially in times of crisis.
  • … support associations in doing their part to overcome the Corona pandemic for the entire public, society, economy and politics.
  • … analyze typical behavioral and communication patterns of members to better track their needs.
  • … analyze the influence of Fan Members on the success of member organizations.

News on Fanfocus Germany Associations:

Comprehensive study report: Purchase now!

Member organizations can now purchase the current study report. We have studied the following types and topics – in accordance with the Fan Principle – for you in 2020/2021:

Types / Categories:

  • Environmental and conservation organizations
  • Automotive and traffic clubs
  • Associations with idealistic objectives
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Social and welfare associations
  • Medical / patient and self-help associations
  • Consumer protection organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Political parties
  • Unions
  • Industry / trade and employers’ associations
  • Organizations for certain Population groups
  • Crafts guilds
  • Churches and faith communities
  • Other member organizations

Focus & Topics according to Fan Principle:

  • Key figures on member relationship quality (e.g. overall satisfaction, emotional member loyalty)
  • The high benefit of Fan Members (e.g., referral, volunteerism)
  • Positioning, focusing and orchestration (e.g. retention drivers, member satisfaction with typical performance aspects incl. external/internal information/communication & media)
  • Frequent and excellent contacts (e.g., satisfaction with contacts in the main and honorary office, contact channels)
  • Life blood factor employees in the main and honorary office (e.g. perceived member orientation of employees, make fans out of employees)
  • Contribution willingness & Contribution sensitivity (Van-Westendorp analysis)
  • “Degree of digitization” & “Member centricity (CRM)” (e.g., use and suitability of digital channels, “digitization” maturity, “member centricity” (CRM) maturity)
  • Corona-specific questions (e.g., change in member relationship quality, satisfaction with crisis management of political institutions and associations)

The results are available for purchase in the form of attractively prepared chart reports. Choose specifically which topics and types of member organizations interest you! Click here for the order form incl. prices.

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    Your MemberFanCheck!

    The MemberFanCheck is a standardized and modular “status analysis for emotional member retention” based on the Fan Principle. We are happy to conduct this using telephones or online interviews with your members.

    The member survey is based on the 2HMforum. basic research initiative “Fanfocus Germany Associations”. From a ready-made set of altogether 38 questions for a fully comprehensive “Status Analysis Emotional Member Loyalty”, you can flexibly add five optional survey modules and further optional services in addition to an entry-level basic module, which provide you with in-depth insights into the quality of your relationship with your members.”

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    Why do we not only measure member satisfaction?

    Why not just measure member satisfaction? Our basic research has shown: Satisfaction as a key metric for assessing member relationship quality is not sufficient to guarantee organizational success. Even highly satisfied members increasingly behave disloyally. Satisfaction merely reflects the perception of performance, which cannot be used to differentiate the organization from potential competitors. The decisive factor in analyzing the quality of member relations is the consideration of emotional member loyalty, expressed by the Fan Indicator.

    Stefan Eser, Studienleiter und Leiter Emotionale Mitgliederbindung


    Stefan Eser | Head of Emotional Member Loyalty


    Why fans are so valuable!


    Fan Customers…

    …are the guarantee for a company’s success. They buy more, they buy more often, they are less price-sensitive, they evaluate conditions more positively, they have the highest contribution margin and are loyal even in bad times. Additionally fan customers are the best ambassadors.



    Fan Employees…

    …are a company’s greatest capital. They are faithful and loyal, they are more motivated and less at risk of burnout, they identify with the goals of the company and are happy to recommend their employers and products. Fan employees burn for their company.



    Fan Members…

    …make member organizations and associations successful: they remain loyal, even if competitors try to poach them or an organisation’s services are no longer interesting. They are happy to pay higher fees, they volunteer their time, they are quicker to forgive – and they are the most valuable referrers.