Members to Fans: The Way to Sustainable Success!

Fan members make associations, chambers, clubs, political parties, foundations and NPOs more successful – in more than one way:

  • they are particularly loyal
  • they remain members, even if they do not (or no longer) need services
  • they like to participate and are willing to contribute voluntary work

  • they willingly pay higher membership fees
  • they quickly forgive mistakes
  • they recommend the organization and help to recruit new members.


But how do you turn your members into fans? We can show you! Scientifically sound, successfully implemented for more than 20 years!

The Member-FanCheck

Measure member relationship quality and more in real-time

With the Member FanCheck, you can conduct a standardized and modular status analysis of your members for emotional member retention in accordance with our fan principle. Whether via online or telephone member interviews, whether in the entry-level basic module or with deepening and optional supplementary modules – the Member FanCheck is available at 3,950, – Euro already (plus VAT) and flexibly suitable for all conceivable member organizations..

More Information (in German)

1. WHow high is the fan quota among your members?

In the status analysis we measure the central control parameters: Fan indicator, fan quota and member satisfaction. And we analyze what we need to implement the Fan-Principle: The value drivers of the members, their satisfaction at the relevant touchpoints of the members’ journey, the contact frequency and contact quality and the “Life Blood factor” of your staff in full-time and honorary office.

Our most important instruments:



Perceived fit between members' needs and what the organization stands for

Perception of uniqueness

The member organization is the most attractive organization in the subjective perception of the members

Fan Portfolio

2. On the way to success: With more fans into a secure future!

Turn your already satisfied members into more and more emotionally connected fan-members! Don’t just fall in the expensive trap of working only on members satisfaction. Instead, focus on the central needs of your members and make them tangible at every point of contact. We can support you in doing so!

Demand-oriented offers and optimal prices

Emotional member loyalty arises when members identify with your organization. This involves the right positioning and a consistent focus and orchestration in service delivery and communication.

Emotional loyalty is created through the constant repetition of identity-generating experiences – in other words, through frequent and excellent contacts at all relevant touchpoints along the members’ journey.

Target audience specific address

Emotional loyalty increases when the address is tailored to the needs of the individual target groups in the fan portfolio. A great opportunity for all member-related processes along the member journey.

Optimal member services & dues

Emotional loyalty is created through precisely tailored services that are in line with the needs of the target group. The optimal strategy in terms of contribution levels and contribution structures is an important basis for success.


Emotional member loyalty is developed through the “Life Blood factor” coworker: Only coworkers in the main and honorary office, who are fans themselves, can act as fan-makers toward members. Because only they create the necessary feeling of uniqueness among the members in contact.

Stefan Eser, Head of Studies Fanfocus Germany Associations and Head of Emotional Member Engagement


Stefan Eser | Head of Emotional Member Loyalty



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Why fans are so valuable!



…are the guarantee for a company’s success. They buy more, they buy more often, they are less price-sensitive, they evaluate conditions more positively, they have the highest contribution margin and are loyal even in bad times. And fan customers are the best ambassadors.




…are a company’s greatest capital. They are faithful and loyal, they are more motivated and less at risk of burnout, they identify with the goals of the company and are happy to recommend employers and products. Fan employees burn for their company.




…make member organizations and associations successful: they remain loyal, even if competitors try to poach them or services are no longer interesting. They are happy to pay higher fees, they volunteer their time, they are quicker to forgive – and they are the most valuable referrers.