Employee focus: Which industry has the most fans?

How many fan employees are there in the public sector? And how many at banks, in hospitals, in schools? Whose fire burns brighter for their company: women or men? Where are the most “company residents”? And why are fans less at risk of burnout? What are the effects of regular employee talks and clear leadership? These and many other questions are answered by the large employee study “Mitarbeiterfocus Deutschland”. Every year, we survey more than 2,000 employees on the topic of emotional employee retention.

Special Survey Corona Crisis

What influence does the corona pandemic have on the relationship between employer and employee? How has everyday working life changed? What about the emotional bond with the employer? These and many other questions were investigated in the special survey of the employee benchmark study “Mitarbeiterfocus Deutschland” by the Mainz-based market research and consulting company 2HMforum. in May 2020. You can buy the results here


About the study “Employee Focus Germany”

With the Employee Focus Germany, 2HMforum. has created a large representative online study that takes a close look at the fan behavior of employees and the quality of employee relations in German companies. The results are published at www.focus-online.de and elsewhere. The goal of this nationwide, cross-sector benchmark study is…

  • … to investigate the quality of relationship between employees and employers and to determine the characteristics and the influencing factors of employee motivation.
  • … to analyze the employer image.
  • … to measure the overall satisfaction of employees and the satisfaction with central performance areas of their employers.
  • … to analyze the central indicators of emotional employee retention.
  • … to measure employee motivation and its intrinsic and extrinsic factors.
  • …to analyze the customer orientation of employees as an essential lever for emotional customer retention.

Study Report Employee Focus: Buy Now!

The results of the 2020 Special Survey Corona Pandemic are prepared in the form of a study report, which you can order from us at a price of 490 euros plus VAT.

Why do we not measure employee satisfaction?

Our basic research has shown: Satisfaction as a central parameter for assessing the quality of relationships is not sufficient to guarantee corporate success. Even highly satisfied employees increasingly behave disloyally. Satisfaction reflects the perception of products and services – but differentiation based on performance alone is hardly possible. A decisive factor in the analysis of relationship quality is the consideration of emotional ties, expressed by the fan indicator.

Anita Saathoff


Anita Saathoff | Head of Emotional Employee Loyalty


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Why fans are so valuable!


Fan Customers…

…are the guarantee for a company’s success. They buy more, they buy more often, they are less price-sensitive, they evaluate conditions more positively, they have the highest contribution margin and are loyal even in bad times. Additionally fan customers are the best ambassadors.



Fan Employees…

…are a company’s greatest capital. They are faithful and loyal, they are more motivated and less at risk of burnout, they identify with the goals of the company and are happy to recommend their employers and products. Fan employees are passionate about their company.



Fan Members…

…make member organizations and associations successful: they remain loyal, even if competitors try to poach them or an organisation’s services are no longer interesting. They are happy to pay higher fees, they volunteer their time, they are quicker to forgive – and they are the most valuable referrers.