A keen ear for the needs of customers…

The Federal Association of the Hearing Aid Industry (BVHI) and 2HMforum. are closely connected: Together, more than 10 surveys of BVHI customers have already been conducted. With the help of the regular surveys, the members of BVHI can respond quickly and directly to the wishes, needs and complaints of their customers. A keen ear for the customer pays off – with high Fan Quotas and both short- and long-term success. In this way, the federal association succeeds in providing its members with the best data, information and recommendations for action.


The Bundesverband der Hörsysteme-Industrie is the representative body of hearing aid manufacturers operating in the German market. Founded in 1987 from predecessor organizations, the association safeguards and maintains the interests of its members and works to increase the use of hearing aids by people with hearing loss.

The benchmarking study conducted by 2HMforum. for BVHI is an important tool for all manufacturers in the hearing aid market in their efforts to better know and understand their customers’ needs and expectations. 2HMforum. has become a true industry expert in a short period of time. The team, which is as strong in analysis as in consulting, delivers individual results for each manufacturer, from which clear recommendations for action can be derived for product development and training as well as for marketing and sales.”

Dr. Stefan Zimmer

Dr. Stefan Zimmer
Chairman of the Board of
Bundesverband der Hörgeräte-
Industrie e.V.

Leif Steinbrinker


Leif Steinbrinker

Managing Partner